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#AussieEd chat on Digital Nutrition and healthy tech habits

I love twitter and the professional sharing that happens in the online space — so I was very excited to be invited to create an AussieEd chat.  It was a whirlwind hour — I had (luckily) used the TweetDeck to plan and schedule the questions and responses, in order to maximise the resources and links I could share in such an intense time frame (I got 30K Tweet impressions!).
DIgital Nutrition is a particular concept for considering Digital Health and Wellbeing, which itself sits inside the model of Digital Citizenship that you see above.  While we have a range of programs and resources which relate to the embedded concepts of cybersafety and cyberbullying, few #DigCit resources deal with the issues relating to developing healthy digital habits and preventing ‘problematic internet use’ (the preferred term for the colloquial concept of ‘Internet Addiction’).
// Here is a roundup of the questions and some of my responses.  To read the complete chat simply head here to read the Storify archive.
// Responses to Q1
While ‘Digital Wellbeing’ doesnt have an official definition, we can think about it from the models of wellbeing that we have a sense of from an offline perspective.
In terms of resources to support Digital Wellbeing, in my experience, few resources look specifically at helping people (of any age) avoid developing problematic internet use (PIU). Programs generally tend to target parents, and digital parenting.  For example Dr Kristy Goodwin’s Every Chance to Learn site.
// Responses to Q2
// Responses to Q3
NB: ‘Good role modelling’ is not a valid response!
// Responses to Q4
//Responses to Q5
// Responses to Q6

About Jocelyn Brewer

Jocelyn is a Sydney-based psychologist and the creator of Digital Nutrition. She is an accredited teacher and has been studying cyberpsychology for a decade.

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