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Screen Based Media Use and Small Humans:tips for parents in a digitally saturated, ‘on demand’ world.

4 key areas to consider when raising digitally savvy, ethical and healthy kids. // CREATE BALANCE AND MAINTAIN VARIETY Technology is an excellent tool. We can use it in many ways to maximise productivity and help us to learn, communicate and connect. Videogames when played in moderation and at developmentally appropriate levels can help develop a…

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Digital Nutrition: Writing portfolio

Over the last 18 months I’ve written quite a bit about our technological habits, both on my own blog and for a range of publications (as well as commenting for about 23 articles, being on TV 3 times, doing 12 radio interviews and consulting to a range of organisations!).Here are links to all the titles…

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Screensavers: Reminders To Be Mindful With Your Smartphone

Do you find yourself mindlessly grabbing for your phone? Are you seeking something, unsure of what? Do you scroll through your social media feeds without really paying attention? Are you yearning for something a bit more deep and meaningful but cant find it? Try these screensavers.  When you go to your phone these might help…

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Technology is not a drug, please stop calling it addictive

The use of drug analogies in the conversation about people (especially young ones) and technology needs to stop. Technology is not a drug, it’s a tool. What we do with the tool, is the most important question.   If anything, digital devices are a syringe.  They are a delivery system. Syringes can be used to deliver…

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Digital Nutrition: The Study Tour

With thanks to the Teachers Health Fund I will be travelling to the USA in June 2015 to research and develop the concept as the winner of the 2014 NSW Premier’s Teachers Scholarship for Health Education. The scholarship provides me with $15000 and 5 weeks study leave to explore work currently happening in the associated fields.//The itinerary for…

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