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Forget 'Digital Detoxing' & Technology 'Addictions': Design an online world which nourishes you.

When you have the basics of a healthy, balanced relationship with technology, you don't need to force yourself offline it in order to find peace.  Digital Nutrition explores a range of social, emotional and cognitive impacts of our technology use (and overuse!) and provides solutions to help maximise the benefits of devices and avoid the pitfalls. Digital Nutrition considers a wide range of modern issues from an informed psychological perspective.



Digital Nutrition is future focused and positive about the opportunities technology offers modern communities. Digital Nutrition is about preventing problematic internet use/overuse and seeks to proactively provide alternatives.



Digital Nutrition is about using technology in a way that is mindful and emotionally aware. Digital Nutrition emphasises the importance of balance in the way we use technology but also in considering evidence of its impacts.


Digital Nutrition makes practical sense for modern living.  It's for parents, students, educators - or any human using technology seeking to understand how our digital habits are shaping our brains and behaviours.

Meet Jocelyn Brewer : Creator of Digital Nutrition & Psychologist.
Jocelyn has been exploring the impacts of technology and hyperconnected lifestyles for a decade.

Jocelyn retrained as a School Counsellor in 2008, after 5 years teaching High School Social Sciences, and is a Registered Psychologist with the Psychology Board of Australia. She is part of Australia's first formal cyber-psychology research group at the University of Sydney.

Jocelyn started talking about 'Digital Nutrition' in late 2013, as a more positive way to conceptualise our approach to the increased ubiquity of technology in our daily lives, and in the classroom. She's trademarked the concept, so please - if you use it, provide attribution!

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