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 // What is Digital Nutrition?

Digital Nutrition is a concept I created in 2013 to help humans better understand the cognitive, social and emotional impacts (both positive and negative) of the technology-enabled media content we consume, and the way that digital devices and the impacts our psychology and overall physical and mental health. It is a positive, fear-free and evidence-backed approach to retraining control of your relationship with technology by increasing consumer awareness.


Imagine that apps and games came with nutritional labels to help us understand their impacts. Imagine we considered the way we consume digital content the way we have learned to consider food and it impacts on our wellbeing.  Imagine that we understood the 'virtual vitamins' contained in the activities we engage with online and made choices from a more informed perspective.


Digital Nutrition borrows from decades of research and public education on healthy food and eating choices to provide a framework for the kinds of online activities (games, apps etc) that provide the most benefits to consumers, the duration, frequency and intensity of optimal use and the developmental age at which games and apps are appropriate.


Digital Nutrition is an aspect of Digital Wellbeing and Digital Citizenship, it considers a range of issues from educational technology and games based learning, to screen-time limits, healthy tech habits and principles for digital wellbeing. It looks at the soft skills involved in developing the skills to use technology in a mindful and considered way, and to understand the underlying reasons we may choose to use technology in certain ways.


Digital Nutrition is a TradeMark registered to Jocelyn Brewer, please ensure use the term and concept of it is attributed correctly.


// What ideas and concepts does Digital Nutrition cover?
  • Digital Citizenship: developing responsible and well-informed cyber-citizens
  • Digital Health and Wellbeing: Best practice principles for healthy engagement in digital devices and screen technology
  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL): important skills for 21st-century learners, this includes skills like self-control. emotion-regulation and motivation.
  • Plugged in parenting:  understanding digital cultures and practices that young people engage in, 'screen-time' limits/boundaries and guidelines, and how to set these for toddlers to teens.
  • Cyberpsychology: exploring the way that consumer technology is shaping human behaviour (and therefore relationships, communication, cognitions, and mental health)
  • Identification and evaluation of ‘healthy’ online tools, apps, games and design elements which promote learning, socialisation, language development and literacy.
  • Promotion of serious games, pro-social games, educational games outside of the mainstream/commercial games industry as a healthier alternative and supplement to our 'digital diet'.

// What Digital Nutrition is not (directly) about: 

Each of these topics has an extensive range of excellent resources and information dedicated to addressing them. Digital Nutrition doesn't seek to double up on delving into these, although of course there is some overlap as the digital world is dynamic and complex.



This is the NSW Department of Education's model of Digital Citizenship - which you can find in their Social Media Policy from 2011. You can see that Digital Nutrition would fall into aspects of Digital Health and Wellbeing, Digital Relationships and Digital Conduct (or 'nettiquette')