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Here I am with my big/ultimate bosses
- Adrian Picolli, the NSW Minister for Education on the left and Mike Baird, The Premier of NSW on the right.

// The Scholarship

Digital Nutrition,
 as a concept to prevent internet addiction and promote healthy tech use, was awarded the 2014 NSW Premier’s Teachers Scholarship for Health Education.The scholarship provided me with $15000 and 5 weeks study leave to explore work currently happening in the associated fields of EduTech, digital parenting, apps and games for kids and learning, digital detox, outdoor education.The lovely folks at The Teacher's Health Fund funded the scholarship and have been incredibly supportive in championing my work -- I'm super grateful!// The Study Tour report
Read the full Digital Nutrition Study Tour report.
It was only supposed to be 3000 words, but here are 5500 words.
Because: so much cool learning and great people.

// Study Tour Itinerary: May/June 2015
May 19 -22: San Francisco, CA
-       Meeting at Common Sense Media
-       Meeting with Web and Digital Platforms team at SFMOMA.
-       Greater Good talk with Kelly McGonigal at UC Berkley
-       Meeting with Amy Jussell at Shaping Youth
May 22 - 25: Mendocino, CA - Camp Grounded, a Digital Detox Summer Camp for adults
May 26 – 28: Chicago, IL
-       International Conference on Education.
-       Meeting with Dr Suzanna Flores author of Facehooked
-       Meeting with Dr Erin Mason – SCOPE4SC
-       Meeting with Dr Devorah Heitner – Raising Digital Natives
May 29 - 31:  Lenox, MA
-       ACT Training with Dr John Forsyth at Eastover Estate.
June 1 - 3: Philadelphia, PA
-       Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) for children & adolescents training at the Beck Institute
June 4 - 5: Washington DC
-       Meeting with FOSI – Good Digital Parenting team
-       Meeting with Dr Herma Williams – Member of the Board of Fullbright
-       Meeting with Moms With Apps team
-       Meeting with TechChange team
-       Meeting with journalist Greg Toppo - author of The Games Believe In You.
June 6 – 9: NYC
-       Various TBC in NYC (Games for Change, Quest to Learn, Joan Ganz Cooney Centre, Child Mind Institute) – yet to have responses from them.
-       Meeting with Daniel Sieberg – author The Digital Diet at Google
-       Interview with Manoush Zamorodi from New Tech City podcast.
June 10: New Haven, CT
-       Meeting with Play@PREVENT team at Yale
-       Meeting with Dr Bruce Wexler Professor of Psychiatry and leader of the C8Sciences team at Yale
June 11: Hartford, CT
-       Meeting with David Polger, Digital Ethicist and Digital Lifestyle Expert
June 12 -15: Boston, MA
-       Meeting with Dr Michael Rich, the Mediatrician at Boston Children's Hospital
-       Meeting with Janell Burley Hofmann – author of iRules.
-       Meeting with Heather Hopp-Bruce – blogger and designer at Boston Globe
June 17 - 19: Los Angeles, CA
-       Attend the E3 Games Expo
-       Meeting with Dr Pamela Rutledge
-       Meeting with Diana Graber at CyberWise