• Supporting you to stay human in a digital age 👧💻👦💻
  • Promoting digital health & wellbeing 📲🍏🥦💻


​Consults for schools, business and organisations


Digital Confidence

Jocelyn helps organisations build their digital skills and capacity to work in effective, productive ways by guiding the overhaul of traditional systems.  Get a deeper understanding of digital trends and culture and overcome fear of change and tech itself.


Digital Leadership

Develop the skills to tackle a range of technology issues (not the ICT help desk kind) in your organisation and manage digital risks. Jocelyn can facilitate the development of policy around digital communication, etiquette and relationships. 


Digital Wellbeing

Transform the wellbeing culture of your organisation with a range of strategies to  develop heathy digital habits, tap into authentic productivity hacks and prioritise  balanced, meaningful choices, both online and off.

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// MODERN INSIGHTS ON PSYCHOLOGY, EDUCATION & TECHNOLOGYJocelyn has a unique and diverse background, with over 20 years experience in both the corporate sector, public sector and education. Her psychological training means Jocelyn is able to help you manage change using coaching techniques throughout the process.
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// BESPOKE PROGRAMS & PRICING FOR YOUR ORGANISATION Talk to Jocelyn about your organisations needs and challenges and she can design a solution to that addresses the issues youre facing.  Every school and organisation are at different points on the journey towards Digital Intelligence, so programs are adapted to meet the size, time frame and budget of your organisation.