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Jocelyn is a psychologist, registered with the Psychology Board of Australia. She offers individual counselling and therapy on a part-time basis in Sydney's inner-west and online.

Jocelyn works with a broad range of mental health and wellbeing issues and has come to have particular experience working with adolescents, parents and those working in the digital economy (graphic designers, social media strategists, coders and the IT crowd etc) experiencing difficulty managing their digital interactions, device use and the associated cognitions.

She is uniquely placed to assist overcome digital dependency issues.

Who I work with

  • I work with people seeking positive change and who are actively engaged overcoming challenges they perceive are holding them back from living a fulfilling life - this could be anyone from a 'screenager' to a baby boomer!
  • My experience has mainly been with adolescents and families, but I also regularly work with uni students, millennials and people in the creative and digital economies.
  • Digital issues I have worked with:  Digital "addictions" - problematic videogaming and social media use, cyber-bullying and online hate/abuse, anxiety, sleep issues and hyper-arousal from technology use (both for work and pleasure), burnout and exhaustion.

When, where & how much?

My availability changes monthly - please get in touch to find out my current hours.

  • I practice from Russell Lea in Sydney's inner-west and online (however online sessions cannot be claimed on a Medicare/ GP Mental Health Care plan).
  • 50 minute sessions start at $170/hour and if you are eligible, you may be able to claim $84.80 back from Medicare.